Giving families a helping hand organising their elderly ones 

Dignity First is an independent advisory service that covers the Wellington region. 

We provide information and options for your loved ones needs.  

We offer practical help to meet those needs.

We know change can be difficult. 


We know how confusing and time consuming looking for care can be. 


We understand how busy it can be for families, especially if you live away and can't be there as much as you would like to be. 


So, we do the work for you, we are there when you can't be and are your "go to" when you need help with your loved ones.  


We are with you each step of the way ensuring confidentiality, understanding and respect.

Meet Hayley


I am committed to helping you and your loved ones find the best options for your loved ones living situation and organise what they need.  

I care, I really do.  My aim is that I do the work for you so you can spend your valuable time with your loved ones and give you peace of mind that you have the right information to make informed decisions.

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What others say


"With a father in hospital and both my brother and I living in different cities we were struggling to know where to get information on after care, assessments required and who to talk to.  I was recommended to talk to Hayley from Dignity First to help us navigate and understand the resources available. 


Hayley compiled a list of links, phone numbers and details on what questions to ask the relevant agencies.  This enabled us to work quickly to mobilise the necessary resources and organise the care required for my father. My brother and I had no idea where to start and with the Dignity First information Hayley provided made the whole process less stressful when we were trying to manage the care from afar.  Great value for money and I highly recommend this service to anyone who is time poor and looking for practical professional help for their older family member."


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